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What Is YouKn0wWho Academy?

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Video Contents

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Extensive Video Classes

You will be provided with comprehensive video classes on each topic to ensure that you have a thorough understanding and can apply the concepts with clarity and confidence.

Curated hand-picked problems

Expertly selected problems tailored to challenge and enhance your problem-solving skills and the exact order to solve the problems so that you do not start with the hardest problem!

Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

Get access to step-by-step video tutorials for all the problems in the course. These videos will help you understand the thought process behind the solutions and help you learn new concepts and tricks.

Line-by-Line Code Explanations

Get ready to be spoon-fed the solutions with our line-by-line code explanation videos for ALL problems in the course!.

Curated Written Resources

Get access to carefully curated written resources to complement the video explanations.

Instant 24/7 Chat and Voice Support

Get instantaneous on-chat support from high-rated trainers, along with dedicated on-voice help from the instructors (on-video sometimes). This is to make sure that you never get stuck for long.

Academy Elite Pass

Get huge amount of discounts (upto 25%) on your next course by completing the current course.

Editorials and Commented-out Codes

Access text and video editorials and very detailed commented-out codes in C++ for all problems in the course.

Certificate of Recognition

Get a certificate of recognition to showcase your achievement and add it to your resume.

Automated Progress Tracker

Solve problems and let us take care of your progress report! Boost your productivity and stay motivated by Progress Tracking. Easily see what you've completed and what's left.

Student Leaderboard

Get access to the student leaderboard to see how you are performing compared to your peers. We provide two separate leaderboards: according to the number of problems solved and according to quiz marks.

GitHub Style Activity Heatmap

Get access to a GitHub style activity heatmap to track what you have done in the past

Bi-Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

Attend bi-weekly live Q&A sessions to get your doubts cleared and get very personalized guidance from the instructor of the course.

Lifetime Access

Get lifetime access to all the courses and resources. You can always come back to the course to revise the concepts.

Profile Review Sessions

Attend regular profile review sessions to receive personalized guidance and feedback on how to improve your Codeforces rating.

Coding Style Reviews

Get your codes reviewed by the instructors to improve your coding style and have the best practices instilled in you.

Video Chapters

All the videos are divided into chapters so that you can easily navigate to the part you want to watch.

Post Contest Discussions

Participate in post-contest discussions after every Codeforces contests. Currently this is being done in the BCS Discord server and we do it when BCS can't do it.

Thrilling Academy Contests and Academy Camp

Participate in short contests that we arrange frequently to test your skills and claim exciting prizes.

Personalized Guidance

Get personalized guidance from the instructors and directly from YouKn0wWho to help you improve your Codeforces rating.

Unleash Your Potential
Reap the Rewards

  • Grind, solve, earn! Grab upto 25% off in your next course with academy gold and elite passes!
  • School or college students, snatch massive discounts (upto 25%) on all courses (Apply Now)!
  • Got a promo code? Enjoy a 200 BDT discount!
  • Friendship Discount: If you and your friend from the same institute enroll in a course (not necessarily same course) on the same day, then each of you will get 300 BDT discount! How to Claim?

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Meet Your Mentor

Shahjalal Shohag | Software Engineer (Remote) at Affine DeFi | ICPC World Finalist | Problem Setter at International Math Olympiad, Codeforces, CodeChef, Hackerrank | Author of 60+ problems | Grandmaster (Red) at Codeforces | 7* (Red) at CodeChef | Solved 5500+ problems on various online judges | 6+ Years of Experience in Competitive Programming | Top 10 in 10+ National Programming Contests | Top 100 in 20+ International Programming Contests | Global Rank 7 among official participants in a Codeforces Div. 2 Round | Number 1 Contributor in the World on Codeforces during Oct 2021 - May 2022 | 2000+ Stars in my Personal Code Library | Founder of Bangladesh CP Server - BCS , the largest Competitive Programming Discord Community in Bangladesh | Proud Founder of this YouKn0wWho Academy .

Video Classes
Oh, Video Tutorials Too!

Along with our extensive video classes, we also have video solutions! Virtually all problems will have video solutions with line-by-line code explanations, so that you can go through the conceptual overview first and then see the code walkthrough to learn how to implement it properly.

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Progress Tracker
Totally Automated!

Conquer problems and let us do the heavy lifting with our automated progress tracker! Easily see what you've completed and what's left. Your progress journey, streamlined like never before!

Demo Progress Tracker

Student Leaderboard
Rise Above

Embark on a thrilling journey and rise through the ranks of your fellow learners. This should motivate you to work harder and get to the top of the leaderboard. Brace yourself to outrun, outscore and outshine!

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Activity Heatmap

Unveil your activity streaks! This illuminating heatmap provides a compelling visual narrative of your problem-solving peaks and valleys. Keep track, stay consistent, and watch your colorful progress unfold over time.

Quiz Leaderboard
Show Off Your Skills

Take short quizzes to test your knowledge on the course content! You know that you know it, but do you really know it? Find out by taking a quiz!

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Academy Camp
Learn and Grow

We host multiple camps throughout the year to help students prepare for the upcoming Regionals and IUPC competitions. We host live contests, live discussions and editorials to help students learn and grow. We also give huge prizes to the winners of the contests!


We Have Covered Everything For You

Different parts of Problem-Solving and Competitive Programming have been covered in our courses (Hover over the boxes to reveal some secrets!).




Time and Space Complexity



Dynamic Programming

Bit Manipulation


Data Structures



Number Theory

Random Problem Solving



Greedy Algorithms

Modular Arithmetic

Adhoc Problems

Interactive Problems

Did You Know?

If you get stuck in some problem, then, I, personally, will help you solve that problem anytime (sometimes using a direct video call!). If it takes lifetime for you to complete some course, then I will help you for lifetime! In general I take a huge amount of everyday to answer everyone's questions. Also, I sit with all the academy members biweekly to understand how everyone is doing. So by taking some course, you are having me as your Personal Trainer!

Don't Take My Word For It

Listen to what my students have to say

Adid Rahman

Worth Every penny!

The contribution of this academy to my CP growth can't simply be put into words. Before I joined this academy, I was just like a lost kid who forgot his way home. But then thankfully YouKnOwWho comes to the rescue and guided me all along to follow the best practices in the programming world. I could literally see myself becoming better every day by embracing failures and turning them into success. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is at a beginner stage and wants to become a better version of themselves.

Sabik Aftahee

You think you know the basics until you learn that you don't

Really recommended, Shohag vai really put his entire time with us as needed to complete the entire course even after his class ended; discussed and guided us in server in problem-solving 24/7 and the classes were always 3-4 hours even when the course time was 2 hours per class and we learned many new things about which we thought that we knew and there were more than enough contests to ensure our progress.

Obaydul Hasan Nayeem

Thankful to my God that I have found such an academy

For a long time, I was looking for a complete guideline and mentorship to do well in the competitive programming field. But almost all of them had some inconsistencies. But this course really felt like a complete package to me. Course outline, class quality, communication and almost everything seemed to be tidy. The trainer Shahjalal Shohag Bhaiya is very friendly and helpful. He has also helped me a lot personally. I'm grateful to him. Although I can't join regular classes and competitions under the pressure of varsity academic studies, I will gradually finish the entire syllabus of this academy, In sha Allah.

Tanzidul Islam

M for Mentor, Mentor Matter Most.

I have tried many online courses also some offline courses but this one is on another level. Handpicked problems with "Sohag bhai'r pinik" were really amazing. Each class duration was around 2 hrs. but bhai could not complete even a single one within 2 hrs. Every class was around 3-4 hrs. long. One can easily assume how much effort was given in the class via the trainer. Such a humble trainer he is. As we do cp, we learn a lot of stuff in a short time but can not properly practice them for lack of problem resources. Bhai guided us well alhamdulillah by picking very appropriate problems from his experience. I can now see myself on another level after completing this course.

Akif Azwad


Generally, you know you are a bad student when you can't figure out what's going wrong with your regime, practice; as you clearly feel you are not improving. But if someone turns you around pinpointing exactly where you go wrong, then that's an incredible teacher and coach. He in his course just doesn't go through the material for the course's sake. He makes it his priority that you learn and find the fun in this wonderful journey of doing cp. And believe me, you can bet that his material is going to include everything you will ever need(Yes...he has researched that much!...you don't become the highest contributor on code forces for nothing). I can't emphasize enough how good his courses are!

Md Tahmid Arefin

The Academy by one of the best mentors

I learned a lot from our mentor of this academy. I also learnt about thinking and how people think about a problem in various ways, through courses. The academy is problem-solving and metacognition based. So I highly recommend this academy to anyone who is interested in problem-solving through programming

Md. Mehedi Hasan

Life Saver Training

I am so happy that I can't even express my feelings properly. This course made me a better competitive programmer. I can see improvements in my eyes. Before this course, my rating was around 800+ on Codeforces and now it's 1041. Surely recommend everyone, who knows at least the basics of programming. Thanks to Youkn0wWho vai.

Anabil Debnath

This CP phase was a big motivator for me

I am a student of software engineering studying in SUST. I got introduced to cp pretty early in my first year. Though I couldn't continuously code or participate in contests. This course gave me a reason to begin again and Shohag vai was as helpful as he could be


I got +600 Rating Increase

A complete guideline / mentorship program for cp enthusiast.(newbie + stuck at a particular point). I was newbie (around 800 in cf) when I joined now I have gained more than +600 points. Recommended for all.

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